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K & J Comics: West View's Newest Comic Community Center

On Saturday September 2nd, 2022 the Comicsburgh Crew set up shop for book signing at West View's newest cartoon and comic enthusiast community center, K&J Comics. The owners Karl and Julia have focused on creating a family friendly atmosphere that welcomes kids, teenagers, and adults alike to connect with the multiverse of comics, toys and gaming. We had a blast, celebrating with Karl, Julia, and the comic aficionados of North Pittsburgh for their opening kickoff weekend. Shout out to the K&J Comics Mascot, Rocky the Rocketpup! (Last pic of the slideshow).

K&J will be offering community programming. Coming soon. Stay Tooned!

You can learn more about K&J Comics by checking out their website here.

Store Directions:

Address: 1017 West View Park Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15229


Comicsburgh Featured Artists and Companies:

Manny Theiner- Heroineburgh


Marvin Wynn - The Edge


Grant Lankard- Monarch Publishing


Isaac Fisher- Incubator Productions


With Special Appearance by:

Jessica Zoric as Chlorina!


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