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We start With Comics and community. 

Our story began in 2016 when Isaac Fisher and Alex K.A. decided to team up on their debut projects. They founded Incubator Comics as a platform to get exposure for their work. In 2017, Isaac took Incubator Comics to Atlanta, where it became a community platform for SCAD students and fellow Atlantians to workshop their comics, get extra help, and publish their works. Between 2018 and 2019 Incubator Comics appeared at Atlanta Comiccon, NC Comiccon, Heroescon and various small events in the Southeast. In 2020 Incubator Comics closed up shop, but the spirit of its mission lives on in Incubator Productions. 

Today, Incubator Productions functions as a freelance agency and production studio for cartoonists. We are committed to serving our community as a resource for all kinds of creative production.  We provide a variety of freelance artistic services including: cartooning, comic book illustration, copyediting, book design, logo design, brand design, educational services and custom commissions. Visit our services page to learn more on how we can put your think into ink.

Want to learn more about Incubator Productions? Read our 2019 feature in Voyage ATL.

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