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Isaac Fisher's "The Tourist" comic is a delightful and engaging read that takes readers on a journey through various tourist destinations around the world. With its illustrations and witty humor, the comic captures the essence of each location and offers a unique perspective on the tourist experience. The comic is a perfect blend of entertainment and education, making it a must-read for anyone who loves to travel simply enjoys a good comic book.

Episode 1


Ulleungdo: The Mysterious Island

Episode 2


WWWIII Was Fought with Canons

Episode 3


Postcards from Around the World

About the Author:

Isaac Fisher

Hi I'm Isaac, cartoonist, copy editor, and graphic designer. I enjoy making cartoons that punch the gut and stimulate the mind. I also enjoy designing logos and packaging for clients. You can email me for any cartoon commissions. I'm open for business.

For inquiries email me at:

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