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Incubator Creator Network Artists’ Works on Display at Hilltop Coffee in Pittsburgh, PA

For the month of August you can find the works of Layla Fauth, Chris Bermudo and Yitzhak Yonaton on display at Hilltop Coffee in Pittsburgh, a new café that serves the neighborhoods of Arlington Heights and South Side Slopes with their dose of morning perk.

With Hilltop’s new opening at the beginning of the summer, owners Jamie and Dan’s first project was to transform the walls of the coffee shop into a seasonally rotating art gallery for artists and craftspeople of Pittsburgh. Incubator Productions stopped by the other day to meet the artists behind the works on display and snag some cool photos as they discussed their works. You can enjoy the annotated gallery below or better yet, stop by grab a coffee and check them out yourself! All the pieces in this feature are available for sale.

Layla Fauth:

Chris Bermudo:

Yitzhak Yonaton:

The ambiance of the café is quiet and personal. There are four tables where visitors can study, chat and play some of the various board games that the owners, Jamie and Dan, keep in stock. Their mission at Hilltop Coffee is to create a community space for the residents of the South Side Slopes. The menu includes regular and decaf options, mixed drinks and pastries. The space of the café is rentable in the off-hours for private and ticketed events. Have an idea? Stop by or send a message to Jamie and Dan on their Instagram @hilltopcoffeepgh.

Hilltop Coffee:

Want to learn more about the artists?

Feel Free to follow them or send a DM 😊.

Layla Fauth- Instagram @big_goblin_energy

Chris Bermudo- Instagram @chrisbermudo

Yitzhak Yonaton- Instagram @yitzhakyonaton

Want to learn more about Hilltop Coffee?

Café Address: 2400 Arlington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Café Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6am-4pm

Sat, Sun: 8:30am-4pm

Contact: Instagram @hilltopcoffeepgh


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